Names G to M

Discover the meaning and origin of the Scottish boys names starting with the letters G to M. There are lovely names that includes Gavin, Glen, Gordon, Greg, Logan, Murray and much more.

Name Description – meaning/origin Popularity
Gavin A popular name, its origins are uncertain possibly from the name Gawain ***
Gibby From Gibidh **
Gilchrist Means the servant of Christ *
Gillanders From the Gaelic name Gille Ainndreis *
Gilleonan From the Gaelic name Gille Adhamhnain *
Gillespie From the Gaelic name Gille Easbaig **
Gillies From the Gaelic name Gille Iosa *
Gilroy Means son of the red haired woman **
Gladstone From a place name *
Glen From the Gaelic name that means valley **
Goraidh This Scottish name means God’s peace *
Gordain Variation on Gordon *
Gordan Variation on Gordon **
Gordon From the place name and means fort ***
Graeme Variation on the Graham **
Graham From the placename in Lincolnshire and means ‘Gravel Home’ ***
Grant Means large **
Greg Pet form of Gregory or Gregor ***
Gregor Scottish boys name for Gregory **
Gregory From the Latin name Gregorein **
Griorgair Gaelic name for Gregor *
Gus Pet form of Angus **

Hamish Scottish name for James **
Hector A form of the name Eachann **
Henry Popular boy’s name in Scotland that means ‘home ruler’ ***
Hew This name means heart **
Hewie Alternate spelling of Hughie *
Iagan Anglicised from MacKeegan ***
Iain Gaelic form of Ian **
Ian Version of John ***
Imhear From the Gaelic name Eibhear *
Innes From Aonghas – equivalent Angus **
Iomhar From the Gaelic name Eibhear *
Irving From the place close to Dumfries **
Jaimie Means Supplanter *
James From the Latin name Iacomus. Related to Jacob ***
Jim Short form of Jimmy **
Jimmie See the name James **
Jimmy See the name James **
Jock Scottish variation on the name Jack **
Jockie Means god is gracious ***
Johnny Short form of the name John ***
Keir A variation on the name Kerr *
Keith Means wood or forest ***
Kendric From the name MacKenrick **
Kennedy From the name Uarraig **
Kenneth From the names Cinaed and Cainnech **
Kenny Pet form of Kenneth *
Kester Scottish name for Christopher *
Kirk Someone who lives near a church **
Kyle Gaelic word ‘caol’ ****
Labhrainn Related to the name Laurence *
Lachie Pet form of Lachlan *
Lachlan From the Gaelic name Lachlann *
Laird This was the name given to a land owner **
Leathan The name of a river *
Lennox From the region of Glasgow **
Lesley Variation of Leslie **
Leslie From the place in Scotland Lesslyn ***
Lindsay From the place Lindsay in England **
Lloyd A person with Grey Hair ***
Logan From the place name in Ayrshire, meaning Hollow *****
Ludo Pet form of Ludovic *
Ludovic Means dedicated to the Lord *
Luthais Form of Louis *
Lyall From the name Liulfr and means loyal *
Lyle Means ‘from an island’ **
Mac This boy’s name means Son **
Maddock First and surnamre that means generous *
Magnus Means great. Originates from Latin **
Malcolm Originate from the Gaelic name Mael Coluim ****
Manas Scottish for Magnus *
Marcus From the name Mac Mharcuis reported to mean Warrior **
Masterman Means the man of the master *
Mathe The Gaelic boys name name meaning bear *
Maxwell From the place on the river Tweed **
Micheal Scottish Gaelic name for Michael *
Moirean From the name Moire *
Monroe Munro – people from the river Roe **
Moray From the name Murry **
Morogh This Scottish name means man of the sea *
Morven The name given to someone who worked as a mariner *
Muir Meaning moor land *
Mungo Means amiable *
Murdock Means sea *
Murray From the area of Moray ****

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