History,Meaning and Origin of the Name Wallace

Just under a century ago, the popularity of Wallace was paramount throughout Scotland, Ireland, and surrounding areas. The traditional Scottish moniker has Olde English roots which mean “stranger” or “foreigner” and can be traced back to the late 1200’s. The Wallace name has been held by many folk heroes, most notably William Wallace. The hero who gave his all for the fight of the common people was ultimately executed for his famous uprising movements and leading makeshift soldiers into battle against authority. Other soldiers and members of the royal family also helped make the name famous.

The meaning of Wallace has lead many proud parents to name their strong sons after a local hero. Modern business leaders, entrepreneurs, actors, entertainers, and philanthropists bear the Wallace name. Even fictional characters and clay figures use the name to tell stories and entertain the public. The Wallace and Gromit animated series may not uphold the traditional meaning of Wallace, but it has definitely kept the name in the forefront of choices for potential parents. Although Wallace name was listed as number 847 among the 2013 names for baby boys in Scotland in 2013, it remains a strong choice for parents who wish to honour their family traditions.

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