The meaning behind the name Tomas

In Gaelic, the meaning of Tomas (to-mahs) translates to “Twin.” Tomas originates from from the Aramaic tē’ōma (a twin).

Tomas is the perfect name for your baby boy, since he’ll be destined to be very athletic and talented.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Tomas as a baby boy name ranked 439th most popular in Scotland in 2015.

Famous People Called Tomas

There are countless famous people who share the Tomas name, including many athletes like Tomas Brolin, a former Swedish professional football player. There’s also English-born Tomas Francis, a Wales international rugby union player. Tomas Berdych is a professional Czech tennis player.

There are also many musicians like Tomas Haake, a Swedish drummer for the band Meshuggah and Venezuelan pop singer Tomas Roman Rafael Rivero who performs with singer Kiara. Cuban Tomas Milian is an actor who appeared in Steven Spielburg’s film Amistad. So whatever reason you decide to choose this name, many people think it is a great name as well!

Places with the Name

There are even some places named after Tomas, including a village near Bjelovar, Croatia, the Tomas River in Romainia and a river in Peru. There is a tropical storm that has also taken the name of Tomas and there’s a Convento de Santo Tomas and University Of Santo Tomas located in Madrid, Spain.

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