The Stuart name is one that has a great meaning. The meaning of stuart comes from the word steward. This name was brought over to Scotland in the 16th century when Mary Stuart from France. Stuart was used as the name of the official administrator of a household. This name gives an individual a great sense of leadership and responsibility. Stuart isn’t only a great name for those in Scotland, but it is a great name for those all around the world as well. It will be interesting to see what happens to the popularity of Stuart over the next few decades.

Popularity of Stuart

Stuart is a very popular name all over the world, but it is very popular in Scotland. This is the country where it is most popular of all. It was actually the 190th most popular boys’ name in Scotland in 2013 (Scottish Government Data).

Famous People Called Stuart

There are many famous Scots that have the name Stuart. One of the most popular characters on cartoon television is Stewie from the hit show Family Guy. There are many pro footballers, cricket players, and entertainers in Scotland with name as well.

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