Meaning and Origin of the Name Stewart

The Scottish baby name Stewart, has gained popularity according to Scotland’s 2013 statistics (in 336th position for baby boys names). The meaning of Stewart derives from the midlevel position of Steward in a castle. Historically, Stewarts were placed with the responsibility of caring for the estate. Naturally the popularity of Stewart as a name for first born males has long been established. The symbolism of the meaning of Stewart correlates well with future heirs of the families.

History of the Name

Taking a closer look at the royal name, one can see the history rich meaning of Stewart. The Gaelic form of the Highland Scottish name is a derivative of the “Clan Stewart.” This historical group were once monarchs in Scotland. Later, the Clan Stewart became an armigerous clan, or a group that does not have a position of chief among clan members. Yet another reason to name your little one Stewart, for the fundamental democratic history it represents. Starting as members of nobility from a France family, the Stewarts established land-holds in England. Eventually the Clan Stewarts left Scotland for England when David I claimed their throne. Still owners of many castles, over time the name Stewart progressed into the medieval position of caretaking that it is known for today.

Variations of the Name

Stuart is a common variation of the name.

Useful Resources

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