History Behind The Name Steaphan

The name of Steaphan is of Scottish-Gaelic origin. It is the Scottish form of Stephen. Steaphan is a masculine name and it is derived from Stephen.

Popularity of the Name

It is often used as a boy’s name and it wasn’t listed in the 100 top baby boys names for the year of 2015. Those who do tend to use this name are people who have originated mainly from Ireland or Scotland as a rule.

What Is The History Behind The Name of Steaphan?

What is the meaning and history that is associated with the name of Steaphan? The answer is clear. Steaphan is a name of Scottish-Gaelic origin. However, the name itself does come from another name originally, and this name is no other than the Greek name of Στεφανος which translates to Stephanos in Latin. Stephanos stands for crown.

It also means more appropriately that which does surround. It was because of Saint Stephen, who was a deacon, and who got stoned to death as was told in Acts of the New Testament that the name became common in the Christian world. Saint Stephen was regarded as being the first Christian martyr. It was also a name that was greatly popularised by the Normans in England. Steaphan also means dwells at the farm. Steaphan is a name that is rarely used. It is ranked as being in 91,890th position among the most used of all names.

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