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The Sinclair name is a Scottish surname which originally came from the Clan Sincliar. The clan’s leader, William the Conqueror lead his clan to conqueror both England and Scotland. which lead to them owning the Land of Roslin, which is also known as nthe King of Scots.

The name Sincliar shares both Scottish and French origins and has been stylized with many derivations from the names “de Saint-Clair, Santoclair, de St. Clair and Synklar”.
The meaning of Sinclair means clear pool or clear well.

The name Sinclair also has 3 variant versions, such as Sinclare, Synclair and Sinclaire.
Since the name Sinclair is mostly used as a baby name for boys, the popularity of Sinclair is not a popular first name for boys, but it is a very popular surnames and has been since the year 2000 ranking in at 1107 on the popular surname list.

People Called Sinclair

There are also several famous and well-known people who share this same name:
Alice Sinclair, a supermodel, Rebecca Sinclair, Olympic Snowboarder, Alex Sinclair, comic book illustrator, Rosemary Sinclair, fictional character. Adam Sinclair, an MTV socialite and Sincliar Lewis, a US Novelist.

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