Meaning and Origin of Seumas

The Seumas name is a Scottish male name with Gaelic origins. The meaning of Seumas is the boys name James. There are Apparently several well known Irishmen with the name Seumas. The name is actually pronounced Hey-Muss. Therefore, the pronunciation of the name Seumas and the way in which it is pronounced vary significantly.

Popularity of Seumas

The popularity of Seumas has increased over the years and it was the 434 most popular baby boy’s name in Scotland in 2013.

Variation of the Name

There are other ways in which the name Seumas can be spelled. For example Shumas is also pronounced Shey-Muss. However, this particular spelling of the name is supposed to be that of Yiddish origin.

Famous People of the Name

One in particular was a Nobel prize poet named Seumas Heaney. Heaney was a popular Nobel prize poet that was recognized for his work back in 1995. Seamas Heaney was awarded the prize for his extraordinary writings and in depth work regarding beauty, miracles as well as the living past.

Some famous men who bear the name of Seumas include the football player Seumas Coleman and Seumas Devar is a well known actor that started his career back in the late 1970‘s.

Famous People of the Name

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