Origin of Scotty

The male Scottish name Scotty, derives from the Celtic surname Scott. The Celtic surname can be dated all the way to the 12th century, originating from a powerful clan on the Anglo-Scottish border. The clan’s influence from the past is still easy for one to see, for the clan contributed to the country’s name.

From Scott being used a first name, came the nickname Scotty, which then became a standard first name out of itself. The meaning of Scotty is only its association as it originating from Scott, a name used by warlords.


Today, Scott is in the top twelve most popular surnames of Scotland, and is commonplace for it to be used as a first name. By the 17th century, people began to see Scott as a first name, rather than just a last.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, it is not unusual to meet someone named Scott or Scotty. Scotty can be seen used all throughout the world. The popularity of Scotty increases as it usage in mainstream culture does.

Famous People with the Name Scotty

The Golf Company Scotty Cameron
The Golf Company Scotty Cameron

Popular pop-culture icons and celebrities with the name Scotty include: Scotty of Star Strek, the golf legend, Scotty Cameron, famed country music singer, Scotty McCreey, and Vietnamese-American poker player Scotty, Nguyen.

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