Scottish Names for Boys

Choosing Scottish Names for Boys

The act of naming is such a pinnacle time in any child’s life. It’s what will help determine their sense of character, what they will be known for, and what they will hear every single day of their lives. It’s truly one of the most important parts of anyone’s identity. In naming, there is not necessarily a singular name that is any better or worse than any other. It’s more often than not based on the individual parent’s preference, heritage, or beliefs. Which is why parents will take as much time as they deem necessary, before the actual birth takes place, to determine what they will choose. This way, without a shadow of a doubt, they will have their preferred title and be comfortable with that choice for many years to come.

When it comes to Scottish names for boys, there are a number to choose from. There is a deep and rich history with many of these names. Many of them symbolize something exciting, such as Alastair, which means “defender of mankind”. Alexander is another variant of Alastair. Yet another unique meaning to an otherwise common name would be Derek, which generally translates to “ruler of the race”. These would be excellent choices if you’re inclined towards a name with a more regal or strong feeling to it. Of course, there are other names that hold just as much of an impact when spoken.

Calum or Columba, which means dove, is considered to be a very cute choice when seeking out Scottish names for boys. Nevin is also a cute name, since it means “saint” or to “be saintly” in some way. These can give off a very soft and friendly aura, considering they imply something pure in spirit. On the same note, there are also a number of Scottish names for boys that have a more religious meaning to them. Names like Kirk, Gillian, Ian, and Gillis. These each have a religious meaning to them, which can be applied to one’s own preferences in naming. Since religion is part of the act of choosing the best name for an newborn child, it’s good to know that there’s diversity in the available, more traditional choices.

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