Discover the wonders of the Scottish male name Ross.

Meaning and Origin

Ross is known to be a name for males although, it is sometimes typical for females of a Scottish descent to be named Ross. The name Ross means “headland” and the surname Ross originates from Scottish and England.

Ross is pronounced ‘ros’.



Ross is becoming less popular compared to previous years in Scotland. In 2006, Ross was ranked the 26th name. Consequently, the name Ross was the 73rd most popular name for boys in Scotland for 2012. For Scottish people, someone with the name of Ross is considered to have came from a peninsula.

Famous People

A few celebrities with the first name of Ross include, Ross Geller, who is popular from the television series “Friends”. Another, famous celebrity is Ross Barkley who is a famous English football player. In addition, Ross Perot was an United States presidential candidate.

In addition, Ross is also a popular last name for a numerous amount of people. Overall, Ross seems to be a very likeable, respectable, and nice name for males.

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