Popularity and Origin of Ronald

The name Ronald, 586th most popular boys name in Scotland, was Anglicised in Scotland from the Scandinavian Rongvaldhr. Initially it mutated to the Gaelic Raghnall and later transposed to what we know today as Ronald.


The meaning of Ronald in English is Mighty Counselor or Mighty Ruler. In Old Norse Rongvaldhr meant “having the Gods’ power”. It is a quintessential Scottish name although two of the more famous, recent Ronald’s are from the United States of America.

Famous Namesakes

Two of the more famous fictional characters with the name Ronald are Ronald McDonald, the clown mascot of McDonalds, and Ronald Weasley, one of the characters in the Harry Potter series.

Ronald Reagan, former actor and President of the United States, is one of the most famous men to bear the name Ronald. Scotland has its own claim to fame with the name. Ronald Ross, one of the only shinty players to score 1000 goals in the sports history and St. Ronald, a warrior chieftain in Scotland who protected the Orkney Islands.

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