Meaning and Origin of the Name Rodric

Rodric comes from the German words hrod, meaning fame and ric, meaning power. #

The name originally came from the Visigoth king, Rodric, commonly referred to as “The Last King of the Goths,” whom ruled between 710 and 712 AD, and was killed by the invading Muslims who conquered most of the area.

The name, like many of Germanic origin, fell out of favour by the middle ages, but was reintroduced in England in the early 19th century by Sir Walter Scott’s poem “The Vision of Don Roderick” in 1811 and was further popularised by English poet, Robert Southey’s epic poem “Roderick the Last of the Goths” in 1814, a romanticised poem about the Visigoth king.

Scottish spelling variations include; Roderick, Roderich, Rhodric, and Ruaridh.

Popularity of Rodric

Rodric, as variant Roderick, was ranked 983rd in popularity in 2012. Rodric was most popular in 1970 and has slowly declined in popularity.

Famous People with the Name

Famous people with the name Rodric include;

Rodric Bray, an American politician,

and Rodric Braithwaite, a British diplomat and author.

Traits of People Called Rodric

Rodric is a strong, powerful name for a boy that has romantic attributes passed to it through it’s literary history.

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