Origin and History of the Name Roddy

Roddy is a pet form of the nameĀ Roderick. Roddy is a simple Scottish boys name that was not one of the most popular names in 2015 in Scotland.

The popularity of Roddy was never too great, but the name was given to a few notable people. Roddy Doyle was one of those people, and he is an author who will long be remembered for his works, from novels to screenplays. Roddy Radiation is an American musician who is well known, and Roddy Piper was a Canadian wrestler and actor.

Meaning of Roddy

So, even though this is not a popular name, it was used as the first name of a few figures that people recognise. The meaning of Roddy is “famous power” and that is a special meaning.

This name is simple, yet it sounds good when it is spoken. It was used as the first name of a few famous people, and the name Roddy was a meaning that people will like, too. Fans of Roddy Doyle, Roddy Radiation, and Roddy Piper will especially love this unique baby boy name.

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