The Meaning and Origin of Robert

The name Robert has Germanic roots and comes from the German word Hruodberht. The Robert meaning is “bright with glory.” The Robert meaning can also be broken down as a compound of the word hruod which means “fame, glory,” and the word berth which means “bright.” The name is not limited to being a first name, and can also be used as a surname. Robert’s popularity rose quickly across Europe and spread across England, except using the French spelling.

Popularity of Robert

Robert’s popularity has continued to soar as some of the most well-known celebrities are named Robert. This includes: Robert Pattinson, Robert Downey Jr., Robert De Niro, and Robert Kardashian. This name has strong links with Scotland as it was the name of three Kings of Scotland including ‘Robert the Bruce’.

According to the total population census of 1990, Robert was the 3rd most popular name in the United States, while Robert is the 60th most popular baby boy’s name in Scotland as of 2013.

Robert as a given name continues to grow around the globe, possibly because of the Robert meaning. When people were asked of what they thought of the name Robert and Robert’s popularity, they answered that people named Robert are sweet, caring individuals who put others before themselves, and the type of person who is not too afraid to tell you how they feel.

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