Origin of the Name Reid

Reid name is originally from Scotland. It is usually a surname if you are Scottish. There are many Scottish people that has this last name that are well known. There are fictional characters that also uses this name as well. There are also places and things that are named after Reid.

The name Reid is also spelled in sorts of different ways as well. This name is basically been around for a long time and was passed on from generation to generation.

Meaning of Reid

The meaning of Reid was from the word “read” originally back in the day and it is pronounced “red”. It is mainly a surname which eventually became a nickname. It usually describes someone with red hair or has a reddish complexion. In certain ways it also came from known places that has that name.


The popularity of Reid became unpopular in 2013 in the United States of America due to the a guy name Harry Reid. He was part of the Obamacare campaign that not a lot of people were in favour of. That is why this name became unpopular at that point in time. All in all the name Reid is still considered one of the most used name in history of Scotland.

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