Meaning and Origin of the Name Ray

The name Ray is often used a nickname for the name Raymond, but can stand alone as a first men. The meaning of Ray is for someone who lives by a grove. However, the name has many meanings in other languages and cultures. For example, the American,meaning of Ray is grace and in French meaning of the name is Raygal.


In recent years Ray has not been a popular name in the U.K. recent birth records (2012) the name was used 59 times in the United Kingdom. The name Ray may not be popular but there are a few famous Ray’s, Ray Parker is one of then. The actor/martial artist was born in Glasgow, Scotland; Parker is famous for playing Darth Mual Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Famous People Called Ray

Ray Hedges is another famous Ray from United Kingdom. The record producer 60 plus song and albums in the top twenty; this includes seven number one hit recordings. Hedges has worked with many of the top recording artist in United Kingdom including Emma Burton and Daniel Bedingfield and Gene Simmons from Kiss.

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