Meaning and Origin of the Name Ranulf

Ranulf is the English version of an old Norse name, most often given to boys.

The original Norse name, ReginĂșlfr, Can be broken down into two parts to understand the meaning. Regin means ‘advice’ or ‘decision’, whereas, Ășlfr means ‘wolf’.

The meaning of Ranulf can be understood as wolf like advice or wolf like decision. Understanding the meaning of the name Ranulf gives the sense of a strong and decisive personality of the person who bears it.

Popularity of Ranulf

It is hard to describe the popularity of Ranulf because of the lack of data and in Scotland in 2014 Ranulf was recorded as a first name. So Ranulf is a very unique name.

Famous People wit the Name

There have been very famous people in history, as well as some who are still alive that carry the name Ranulf.

One such person in history is Ranulf 1 de soules who was a Norman knight who was honoured by being appointed cup-bearer to king David I, Malcon IV, and later William The Lion. He was the first person in Norman tradition to hold that position. Although spelled with a slight variation, Ranulph Fiennes is a modern day example many people look up to. He was able to climb Mount Everest at the age of 65.

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