Facts about the Name Ranald

Discover the all the facts about the male name Ranald. Ranald is a male name of Norse and later Celtic origin. This name has been seen for hundreds of years from all over Eastern an Northern Europe.

Popularity of this Scottish Name

In 2014, Ranald was not in the top 100 baby boys’ names in Scotland. Not even registering one birth according to data from the Scottish Government.


Ranald, like many names of Norse origin the meaning of this name holds power. The meaning is Rulers Counsellor thus showing importance of the higher end of the social food chain.

Famous People Called Ranald

The final aspect will be the famous people with the name. Example include the famous general Ranald Slidell Mackenzie who during his time would lead the Union army to victory during the American civil war.

Another holder of this name would be Ranald MacDonald who began the task of teaching English to the Japanese.

The last person we will be looking at is Ranald Graham who till 2010 would write for popular UK shows.

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