Meaning Of Ramsey

The baby name Ramsey has actually become one of the most popular names around. It is commonly heard surname for example Gordon Ramsey (the celebrity chief) or Aaron Ramsey (the international footballer) but it can also be used as a first name. The meaning of Ramsey actually originates in Scottish culture , where it remains a popular name to this day.
The name Ramsey is actually a variation of the name Ramsay that means ‘wild island’.

History of the Name

Ramsay was the name of a Scottish lowland clan and over the centuries fought in Scottish civil wars and the battle for independence.


It was the 669th most popular name in Scotland (in 2012). The name Ramsey has seen a lot of use over the past few years, which may encourage parents to try it out for themselves.

In its current form, Ramsey has been adopted in to the English language. It is a predominantly English name, helping it to become an integral component of the culture as well. Parents may choose to change up the name to a certain degree. The form Ramsay has become popular as well, which has added to the variety that people could expect.

Famous People Called Ramsey

There are some famous people around the world who have added to the popularity of Ramsay. Ramsay Campbell is a well known English author of horror fiction. Ramsey Clark is an American lawyer, who has even been involved in a wide variety of legal movements. Ramsey Lewis is an American jazz musician, who has been active within the musical genre for several years now.

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