The Name And Meaning Of Rab

The name Rab is a German name that gives us another name that is very popular. It is true that Rab is not as popular as other names, but it gives birth to one of the most popular male names of all time. The popularity of Rab will probably never go up, but Robert has been high for a very long time.

The meaning of Rab is bright and shining, and it is a name that means a lot to people who are trying to make sure that they can give the original name instead of Robert. You could do this when you are naming a child after a Robert, or you could choose it just because you like how it works.


Rab was not in the top 100 baby boys names in Scotland in 2016.

Famous Rabs

Rab Noakes the Singer Songwriter
Rab Noakes the Singer Songwriter

Famous Rabs include:
Rab Butler – a former deputy priminister of the UK
Rab Noakes – a singer and songwriter from St Andrews
Rab C Nesbitt – the fictional comedy character from Glasgow.

The name Robert is carried by a lot of people like Robert Ludlum and Robert the Bruce. You will find out that there are a lot of Roberts all over the place from Robert Blake and the last name Roberts which comes from the same place. You might have a history with this name, and that will make you feel great so that you can use that heritage that you find in Rab and apply it to the modern day.

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