Origin of the Name Quinn

Irish in origin, the Quinn name derives from the Scottish surname ‘O’Quinn’ – meaning ‘sense’ or ‘reason.’ There are several spelling variations of the name because of recorders’ tendency to archive names based on how they sounded, rather than asking for, or even caring about actual spelling preference. Some of these spellings include; ‘Quin’, ‘Quine’, ‘Cuinn’, and ‘Cuin’.

Meaning of Quinn

While the surname use of the name in Scotland and Ireland means ‘descendant of Conn’ it has grown to have an attached meaning of ‘Sense’, ‘reason’, ‘wise’ and ‘intelligent’. The O’Quinn family crest features a suit of armor and a winged horse; suggesting understanding, wisdom, intelligence, masculinity and invulnerability.

Popularity of Quinn

Quinn was ranked 240th on a list of most popular baby boy name in Scotland in the year 2013. Fame and fortune attached to the name include remarkable people such as: Quinn Martin the prime time TV producer; Quinn Allman, alternative rock musician; and Quinn Buckner, noted basketball player who is one of only three people in history to win high school, college, and Olympic titles in the game. The name Quinn suggests a strength, wisdom, and nobility in dreams, goals, and daily life.

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