Common Scottish Gaelic Boy Names And Meanings

Scottish Gaelic is the native language of the Scottish people, and was spoken as the national language of Scotland up until it’s decline in the early 15th century. Even though it is not considered an official language in Scotland, there are still many Gaelic speaking Scots and the number of youth speaking Gaelic has increased over the past few years.

Scottish Gaelic male names differ slightly from a lot of traditional Scottish boys names, mainly in dialect. Here are some of the most popular Gaelic boy names along with their meaning and some background behind their origin.

Popular Gaelic Names

  • Logan is a very popular Gaelic boy’s name, and it was originated from a place in Ayrshire and means “little hollow.” This is not only a famous name amongst the Scots, but has become highly favoured in Canada and the United States as well.
  • Camron is another renown Scottish Gaelic boy’s name, typically spelled as “Cameron.” Cameron, like Logan, has also been a very popular name in the United States as well as Scotland. Another widely favoured name amongst the Scots even though it’s not of Scottish origin is Robert, Raibeart in Gaelic.
  • There was actually a king over Scotland in the early 14th century who is popularly known as Robert the Bruce, or Raibeart Bruis in Gaelic. Robert the Bruce was considered a great hero to the Scottish people, he led them in the wars of Scottish Independence against England and was successful in his efforts to keep Scotland a sovereign nation.
  • Finlay is a very unique name as well as famous. Finlay, or Fionnlagh in Gaelic, is a name that typically implies the idea of passing on ancestral greatness. Finlay is often given when a baby boy’s parents want their child to understand that he comes from a line of skilled and gifted people, and that they wish for him to carry on the family’s success and high degree.
There are many traditional Gaelic boys names; all very unique with an interesting history behind their origins. Scottish Gaelic names have increased in popularity over the years and have become quite common in many different places all over the world. Looking at the background and meaning of a Gaelic name can make it a very special experience when looking for a name to give to your child; or even if you just want to know the origins of your own name.

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