History and Meaning of “Pherson”

Pherson is an uncommon Scottish boy name derived from the English name Parsons, the meaning of Pherson is ‘to be employed by a parson’.

Most noted in it’s history is its use as a surname for those in Inverness, who were considered, the keepers of the stone of St. Catan.

Variations of the Name

Additionally it was a a common surname in it’s Gaelic form, Mac a’ Phearsain or Mac a’ Phearsoin, for various Scottish families, and was descended from a Chief of the great Clan Chattan (or ‘tribe of cats’).
The name has been translated multiple times, and often with inaccuracies, both from Gealic to English, and back thus giving rise to a wide variety of spellings, including MacPhearson, McPherson, MacPhersone, and Mac a’ Phearsoin. Additionally several English forms of the name are, Persons, Pharson, Pharsons, and Phersons. Several immigrants to the United States from Scotland used forms of the name Pherson.


As of 2014 however, popularity of Pherson was not common, and it was not listed in the top 100 most popular Scottish boy names.

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