Meaning and Origin of the Name Padraig

The name Padraig comes from the Gaelic or old Irish and means of noble birth. The meaning of Padraig was taken when the name was changed to Patrick due to the similarity of the sound of the two names.

Padraig is pronounced pawdrig which sounds like Patrick. The popularity of Padraig is very old beginning with the British born Saint Patrick who was a missionary to the Irish in the fifth century.

Popularity of the Name

Padraig is not a very popular name in Scotland as it only had one registered baby name in 2014.

Famous People with the Name

There are famous people who still use the old Gaelic name of Padraig like Padraig Harrington a famous golfer.

Although most meanings of the name Padraig like patrician and noble have become associated with the word that means Padraig, patrician, the old Gaelic name is still given to boys in Ireland by parents who want to uphold their old Gaelic traditions and names.

Boys named Padraig are said to be shy and contemplative. The name has become  associated with Saint Patrick who was a slave in Ireland before he escaped and returned to Christianize Ireland.

The numerological number of Padraig is eleven. These boys are very sensitive and need to be nurtured and made to feel helpful and welcome.

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