The Popularity and History of Ninian as a name

When a new baby is being expected, the parents will spend a lot of time pondering over what to name him or her when they are born. There are many names that have become popular or are trendy like Cameron or Beckham. However, one name for a boy that is beginning to thrive in popularity is the name Ninian.

Meaning of Ninian

The meaning of Ninian is unknown. However, it’s origin is Celtic, Scottish and Irish. It has also had a Latin form of Niniavus and is very similar to the Welsh Nynniaw.

Popularity of the Name

Ninian was not in the 100 most popular popular baby boys’s name in Scotland in 2014 (latest stats from the Scottish Government).

Famous People with the Name

The most famous was St. Ninian of Galloway who was a Bishop and a missionary to Scotland. He is known to be the first major preacher of the Gospel for those who lived in Britain north of the Wall, which is what Scotland was called back in that day. He was also known to be responsible for many miracles and cures. Therefore, it has a very marvellous and spiritual history name Ninian.

Another famous Ninian was Ninian Edwards a Senator from the state of Illinois.

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