Niall: A Passionate Warrior

The meaning of Niall fosters an image of a passionate warrior. This is a male name and it does have a distinct meaning behind it. Niall has Irish roots and origins. The words associated with this name include passionate, warrior and champion.

This name had been passed to Scotland from Ireland long ago. This name is also known to be name given to baby boys in England. The popularity of Niall had evened off in the year 2015. This is according to the stats. It was not listed in the top 100 popular names. This name is pronounced “Nye+al.” The name Niall is often associated with strength. A powerful name.

Famous Men Named Niall

*Niall John Quinn; Quinn was born in Ireland. He is a former professional footballer and a businessman. Born in the year 1966 and he is the ex-chairman of Sunderland. He had received 92 caps for the national football team (Republic of Ireland). He has an impressive record in football and he has experience in the management aspect of horse racing too.

* Nial Horan; Horan is a singer and a songwriter. He is also a guitarist. He was born in the year 1993. He is from Ireland. He is an impressive individual who is known for co-writing numerous songs. He had released his first single (as a solo artist) in the year 2016.

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