Popularity and History of the name Naughton

The Scottish name Naughton did not show up in the top 100 names chart of Scottish boys.

However, the original meaning of Naughton comes from the old Irish and is originally Gaelic. The name Naughton states that the child is a decedent from Nechtan. This was an old Irish clan that was alive and well in the 1300’s. In the early 1600’s, the name arrived in Scotland and meant pure. This meaning comes from the idea that boys named this were of pure blood.

The popularity of Naughton can be seen throughout the new world having multiple cities named after it. There is a Naughton, Ontario; Noughton, Suffolk, and even a Naughton park in England.

The Name Today

Most of the people who have the name in today’s day and age has it as their last name rather than their first. A few of the more notable Naughtons are Kyle Naughton an English footballer who plays for Swansea City, turn of the century playwright Bill Naughton, and popular American actor David Naughton known for his starring role in The American Werewolf in London. Naughton being used as a first name has all but disappeared in the modern naming of boys.

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