Names N to W

Discover Scottish boys’ names letters N to W. These names include popular names such as Neil, Quinn, Ray and Scott.

Name Description Popularity
Nachton This name means ‘pure’ *
Nairn A seaside place in the highlands of Scotland *
Nathair Gaelic name meaning a snake *
Naughton From the Gaelic name Neachdann *
Neacal Scottish name for Nicholas *
Neil This is a variation of the name Nicholas ****
Neill A veriant of the name Neil *
Niall Galic name that means ‘champion’ **
Nicol This is a variation of the name Nicholas **
Ninian Origin unknown **
Niven Scottish male name from Naoimhean *
Norval From a a place in Normandy, Normanville *
Ogilhinn Scottish Gaelic name given to a person from the top of a mountain *
Oidhche This boy’s name means ‘night’ *

Paden The boy’s name means Royal *
Padraig Anglicized as Peter **
Paidean From Padraig a form of Patrick *
Parlan From Parthalan anglicized to McFarlane. *
Paton Mean royal *
Pherson The name given to a parson (priest)
Quany Means Proud *
Quinn The name given to the 5th born in a family **
Rab Pet name of Rabbie **
Rabbie Scottish pet name for Robert **
Rae This Scottish boy’s name means grace *
Raghnall Gaelic name for Ronald *
Railbeart Scottish name for Robert *
Ramsay From the place name Ramsey meaning wild island **
Ramsey Variation of Ramsay *
Ranald From the Gaelic name Raghnall *
Ranulf Means advice of the wolf *
Ray The name of someone who lives by a brook ***
Reade Variation on Reid *
Reade Someone with red hair *
Reid Someone with red hair *
Rhiseart Scottish Gaelic boy’s name for Richard *
Richie Pet name for Richard ***
Robert Introduced the Britain by the Normans and means bright flame *****
Roddy Pet name of Roderick *
Rodric The origins of this name means ruler **
Ronald From the name Rognvaldr **
Ross Means headland ****
Roy Means ‘red’ ***
Sachairi Scottish name for Zachary **
Sandy Pet name for Alexander **
Sawney From the name Sandy *
Scott Someone form Scotland ****
Scottie Someone form ScotlandĀ (seeĀ Scott) **
Scotty Variation on Scottie (see Scott) *
Seocan Pet name for Jock *
Seumas Scottish name for James *
Shaw From the name Seaghdh *
Sholto Means fruitful *
Sim Means Simon in Gaelic *
Simidh Means Simon in Gaelic *
Sinclair Common as a surname from Saint-Clair in France ***
Sorley From Somhairle *
Steaphan Scottish name for Stephen *
Stewart From someone who worked as a Steward **
Stuart From someone who worked as a Steward **
Tadhg Scottish Gaelic name and it means philosopher *
Tasgall Traditional name means god and cauldron *
Tearlach From the name Toirdhealbhach. *
Tiobaid Scottish name for Theobald *
Tomas Gaelic version of Thomas ***
Tormod Means the courage of Thor *
Torquil From the name For call *
Tremaine Means a house of stone *
Tyree The name given to a man who live on an island *
Ualan Same as the name Valentine *
Uarraig This name means fierce pride *
Uilleam Scottish boys name equivalent to William *
Uisdean Means forever stone *
Wallace This name means foreign in old French used to describe the Celts **
Willy Pet form of William ***

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