Names C to F

Discover the meaning and popularity of the Scottish boys names letters C to F including Calum, Chalmers, Charlie, Douglas, Evan and much more we have the meaning and popularity of these Scottish names.

Name Meaning or Description Popularity
Cailean Is a Scottish name for Colin *
Cailin Variation on Cailean *
Calder Celtic word that means a stream *
Callum From the Latin name Columba meaning dove ****
Cam Pet name for Cameron **
Cambeul Related to Campbell *
Camdan Name is after the place name *
Camden This name means ‘meander valley’ ***
Cameron Means crooked nose *****
Carson Origins uncertain. It possibly from a place name. **
Ceardach Place name and the name refers to a person who worked as a smith *
Chalmers Mainly a Scottish surnam name from a famous family **
Charlie Pet form of Charles **
Chattan From a 6th century Scottish saint **
Chisholm Scottish surname meaning cheese *
Christie Form of Christopher **
Christy Form of Christopher *
Cliamain Scottish name for Clement. *
Clyde From the river in Scotland *
Coinneach Means handsome *
Coire Name of Gaelic origins *
Coll From the name Colla *
Conall Means strong wolf *
Corey The name is of old Norse origin meaning unknown *
Cory See Corey **
Craig Means rock ***
Crayton A variant of the name Creighton *
Creighton From Gaelic name crioch meaning border of a settlement. *
Crisdean Alternative name for Christopher *
Cruim This name means crooked *
Cuddy Pet form of Cuthbert **
Cuithbeart Scottish name for Cuthbert *

Daibhidh Scottish name for David *
Daileass A person who lived by a waterfall *
Daimh Gaelic name for a Ox *
Dalzell Means ‘white fields’ *
Damhan This name means fawn *
Dand This name means Warrior *
Darach Gaelic name that means oak, possibly given to people with oak coloured hair *
Davy Pet form of David *
Deorsa Gaelic name for George *
Diarmad A form of Dermot *
Doileag This name is given to someone who’s a World Leader *
Don Short form of Donald, Donny or Donnie **
Donal Variation on the name Donald *
Donald This name means world ruler ***
Doug Per form of the name Douglas & Dougal *
Dougal Means dark stranger from the name Dubhgall *
Doughall Variation of Dougal *
Dougie Pet form of Douglas **
Douglas Associated with Dougal ***
Drew Scottish pet form of Andrew *****
Drummand A variation on the name Drummond *
Drummond This Scottish name means ridge *
Duff This name means ‘dark’ *
Dugald Alternative to the name Dougal *
Duncan From the Gaelic name Donnchadh, meaning dark warrior ***
Eachann Means brown horse *
Eairdsidh Scottish name for Archie *
Eallair Means church cell *
Edan Scottish name for Aidan *
Eideard A form of Edward *
Ellar A person who was a butler *
Eoin mean God is gracious *
Errol This name means wanderer **
Erroll Variation on Errol *
Erskine From place close to Glasgow *
Euan From the Gaelic name Eoghan *****
Eudard Means guardian or protector *
Eumann From the name Edmund *
Eunan Means little horror **
Evan Means god is gracious ****
Evander Related to the name Ivor and was the name given to a archer *
Evin This name is reported to mean ‘swift’ *
Ewan Gaelic version of the name John ****
Ewart Uncertain origins *
Farquhar From the Gaelic name Fearchar *
Fearchar From the words man and deer *
Fearghas Scottish version of the name Fergus *
Fergus From the Gaelic male name Fearchas ***
Fib The name given to a poet *
Fibh Possibly related to Fibh *
Fife From the district in Scotland *
Filib Scottish name for Philip **
Fingal From the name Fionnghall. Means white stranger *
Finlay Means white warrior from the Gaelic name Fionnlagh *****
Foirtchern This name means overlord *
Forbes From the Scottish place names that means field **
Fraser Norman origins *****
Frazer Variation on the Fraser **
Fulton Place name in Ayrshire *
Fyfe Alternative spelling to Fife *

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