Meaning and Origin of the Name Murray

Murray is a boy’s given or surname from Scotland and Ireland and can be traced back to the Medieval Gaelic word Muireb or Moreb which means “sea settlement.” The Scottish origin of the name Murray is a common variation of the word ‘Moray’ and denotes the area on the south shore of the Moray Firth, in Scotland.



In 2012, the male name Murray was the 73rd most popular baby boy’s name in Scotland in 2012 (data from the Scottish Government).

It is a popular name even today, particularly in Ulster. The Murray name can also be traced to the Clan Murray (Clann Mhuirich) from the 12th century whose ancestors fought in the Wars of Scottish Independence in the late 13th and early 14th century, the family itself has a long and rich history and the clan motto is: “Furth, Fortune, and Fill the Fetters”, or “go forth against your enemies, have good fortune, and return with captives.” Although most who carry the name Murray are Scottish themselves the name is popular in many cultures and heritages.

Famous People with the Name Murray

Some famous bearers of the name are: Murray Walker the Formula One commentator, Andy Murray the Scottish tennis player, Murray Hamilton an actor as seen in Jaws, Yvonne Murray the Olympian, Alexander Murray the famed geologist, and Darren Murray and Grant Murray, Scottish footballers.

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