Origin and Meaning of Maxwell

The Maxwell name is derived from Scottish. The meaning of Maxwell is “Mack’s Stream” from the name Mack. Mack is Scandinavian and Old English combined together.


The popularity of Maxwell as a name is not very high in recent years. It was not in the top 100 for most popular names in either the United State, Scotland or the rest of the U.K. in 2013. However in Canada and New Zealand the name Maxwell ranked in the top 100 for most popular names in the countries.

Famous People Called Maxwell

Although the name Maxwell has not been very popular in recent years there are still several famous people with the name. Some examples are Gerald Maxwell Rivera who went by his stage name Maxwell. He was an American singer and actor. Another example is Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade who is a Brazilian footballer. Maxwell Kogon was a bomber pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Also Grover Maxwell who was a famous American realist philosopher. And finally James Maxwell who was a famous Scottish physicist known for his studies in electromagnetism.

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