Meaning and Origin

The name Logan was originated from a Scottish place as a surname meaning “little hollow” under Scottish Gaelic history. This bright and cheerful Scottish name originated from a place in Ayrshire.


Logan is a popular Scottish name that ranked number 5 since the mid-70s. The rank name has continued to rise and expand since then out of the Scottish place.Since the mid-70s the name Logan has extended its popularity in places like Canada and the United States. In 2012 the name ranked number 5 in Canada. In 2007 Logan ranked 17th most popular baby boys names in the United States. The name also became popular amongst the female gender. In 2007 the name ranks amongst females became evident in the States. Even though the rank ratings level was as low as 455th, it became evident that Logan was a primary name that was given to both boys and girls universally.

Today, the name Logan can be used as a First name and a Last name. In the last five years, Logan has been ranked among the top 100 most popular boy’s names in Canada, Australia, France, and Belgium. Today in Scotland, Logan is still ranked 5th most popular boy’s name.

People Called Logan

Not too many famous people called Logan here are two people that come to mine: Logan Lerman and Logan Marshall-Green are both American actors.

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