Popularity of the Name Kyle

As the 27th most popular boy’s name in Scotland as of 2012, Kyle is one name that many parents consider. While the name is no longer in the top 10 boy names in Scotland, it remains wildly popular around the world. Though once considered a unisex name, it is most commonly associated with boys.

Meaning and Origin

The origin of name Kyle is derived from a Gaelic word ‘caol’, and evolved into an English surname. It was soon a popular given name for babies in Scotland, the United States and England. Today, several variations of the name include Kye, Kyler, Kiley and Kayle.

In Gaelic, Kyle referred to something that was straight or narrow. It could be a narrow body of water, a piece of woods or a peninsula. The meaning of Kyle in Scottish is also “a narrow strait or channel” and most often refers to water.

Famous People with the 1st Name Kyle

Famous people with the name Kyle include ‘Twin Peaks’ star Kyle MacLachlan and athlete Kyle Walker. In addition, the name was once associated with a district of Ayrshire.

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