Meaning and Origin Name Kennedy

John F Kennedy
A famous Kennedy, the US president John F Kennedy

The name Kennedy has its origin in Ireland. The meaning of Kennedy according to the origin is the helmeted chief; it has found a wide usage in the Scotland and ultimately a tribe know by the name was formed in the early times.

In the 13th and 12th century Scottish revolution to bring about freedom, the Kennedy clan is remembered because they were the major supporters of Robert the Bruce. When it comes to popularity of Kennedy, there is a surge in the number of kids called Kennedy in the recent past especially in the United States and Canada.

Famous People Called Kennedy

The American president that served from the year 1963 to 1963 John F Kennedy is one of the iconic people that use the name; he acted as a good leader until his assassination in November 1963.
The name Kennedy in Scotland gained popularity during the wars for independence in Scotland and however much it didn’t feature in the latest ranking of names; it is still one of the well-known names in Scotland. John Kennedy was one of the first chiefs with Kennedy as their names in Scotland.

Another iconic figure whose name was Kennedy was Charles Peters-Kennedy. He lived in Britain for the year 1959, up to last year and the nature of his character influenced many Scottish top names their children, Kennedy. He was a member of parliament and, a very vocal individual in British politics.

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