The Name Kendrick and Its Meaning

The name Kendrick is very interesting because it can be a first name and a last name.

The name Kendrick means royal power or bold power. It also means chief hero in some places. The meaning of Kendrick will make you think about it a little more deeply,

There are famous men named Kendrick, and they give you a platform for using this name that will make you feel more confident when you pick it.


The name has not become overwhelmingly popular, but it definitely has its proponents in popular media with the morn who are listed below with the very same name.

In Scotland in 2016 only 1 baby boy was given the name of Kendrick.

Famous People with the Name Kendrick

Kendrick Lamar and Kendrick Perkins are famous Kendricks, and they represent rappers and basketball players respectively.

A famous Scottish person with the name is Malcolm Kendrick is a Scottish doctor and author of the books “The Great Cholesterol Con” and “Doctoring Data”.

Kendrick will probably go up now that there are two famous people who have this name. Only time will tell because it is not very popular right now, but it is definitely a name that you can consider with some precedent.

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