Origin and Meaning of the Name Keith

The origin of the name Keith is said to be Welsh with Ireland and Scotland also claiming origin. Historically, a long line of earls from Scotland are named Keith. The meaning of Keith is said to be woods or forest.


The name Keith has fallen in popularity in most countries over the past few years. Data from Scotland assert the popularity of the baby boy name Keith is rated at 680 in 2014. In 2012

Names that are close associations to Keith are Kieth and Kade. Recent data from the US indicate the popularity of Keith as a baby boy name to consistently range between 2,000 and 9,500 each year.

Famous People with the Name

Keith appears to have been a more commonly selected boy’s name in the mid-twentieth century. There are several celebrities named Keith including Keith Richards (from the band Rolling Stones), Keith Anderson (American country musician), Keith Urban and Keith Jarrett of the music field. Others include Keith Moon (drummer for the Who), Keith Lemon and Keith Carradine.

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