Meaning and Origin of the Scottish Name Jock

In Scotland, the name Jock is one that is among the most loved boys’ names. The name  Jock is a form of the name John.

The exact meaning of Jock is ‘god is gracious’. Scots have been known to use the surname as one that describes a person who is very athletic and is heavily involved in sports. Jock is also known as being a slang term that people used to describe a Scottish soldier as well.

Alternate forms of the name Jock is Jockie or Jockey.

Popularity of Jock

The name Jock was the 680th most popular boy’s name in Scotland in 2014 according to figures released by the Scottish Government.

Famous People with the Name

The popularity of Jock as a name in Scotland is certainly one that can be tied to some of the famous people who have that as their name. Some famous Scottish men and others from the United Kingdom who have the name are the Open Championship and PGA Championship winning golfer Jock Hutchison, the Australian cricket player who played most of his career in England in Jock Livingston, and the cartoon illustrator Mark Simpson who goes by the one name moniker of Jock.

Other famous sporting starts are included below:
  • Jock Stein, was a Scottish football player and manager. He played for the football team Celtic and Llanelli Town.
  • Jock Cameron was a South African cricket player, who in his day was one of the best wicket keepers in the world

Useful Resources

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