Jimmy Meaning and History

The name Jimmy is a form of James it’s origin is of Hebrew language.It is a masculine name.

The popularity of Jimmy has gone down over the past few decades.It was a more common name in the mid 1900’s. Only 3 people with the name Jimmy were born in Scotland in 2015.

The meaning of Jimmy is “supplanter”the word’s definition derives from the bible”holder of heel”.

Variations of the Name

Variations of the name Jimmy are Jim, Jimi, Jimbo and Jimie.

Popularity of the Name

It is common for someone whose first name is James to be nicknamed Jimmy.There are more people in the United States with the name Jimmy than in any other country.England and Sweden are two countries where Jimmy is also common.

Famous People Called Jimmy

There also some some famous people named Jimmy like Jimmy Carter one of United States former presidents and Jimmy Hendrix a musician,songwriter and guitarist. Jimmy Page is a musician from the rock band Led Zeppelin.

Jimmy has also been used for slang terms but is not very common to hear other people use it that way in modern society.

For example you could say:I lost my keys to my lock so I had to “Jimmy ” the lock here “Jimmy”is being used a as verb to pick a lock. There are other ways Jimmy is used but does not have much credibility.

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