Jamie is a name that has stuck with Scottish traditions for several generations. The name Jamie has been such a sought after name in Scotland that is has recently ranked number 23rd for boys. One of the reasons that Jamie is so sought after is because the name could be used for either a boy or a girl.

Meaning and Origin

What makes Jamie meaning so unique is that it was used as a pet form of ‘James.’ The Scottish description of Jamie meaning is Supplanter. What is interesting about the definition of Supplanter is that it can take on a positive explanation. This word is not typically thought of as positive. Conventionally the word Supplanter could be taken as a bad thing, like someone who takes or overthrows by force. However, supplanting or Supplanter could be looked at differently. The word could mean someone of strength and perseverance. ┬áThe name ‘Jamie’ that correlates with the action of determination through the act of supplanting. Therefore the word Supplanter could be perceived very differently than its ubiquitous understanding of the definition.


The Name Jamie is a good Scottish name to use because it was the 525th most popular baby boy’s name in Scotland in 2012 (Scottish Government Statistics).

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