Meaning and Origin of the Name James

One of the Scottish names that has been around for many years is the name James. James has been popular since it’s inception biblical times. This is the name that many people in the UK have used over the years. It is actually a variations of the name Jacob.

King James IV of Scotland
King James IV of Scotland

The meaning of James is he who grasps the heel. This is the literal interpretation of the name.


James is the name that has a great deal of popularity. It has been used in the UK an Scotland since the 13th century. The Popularity of James has been all over the world, especially in the English speaking world. In 2014 James was the 2nd most popular boys’ name in Scotland.

Famous People Called James

There are many famous people with the name James, both mythical aka James Bond, and real life individuals like James Chadwick and Kings James I and VI.

Those who want to look at the name James know that it has been extremely popular in Scotland for a number of years. It once held second place on a popularity of names in Scotland.. Even though James has been popular over the years, it is not in the Top 100 names currently in Scotland.


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