Meaning and Origin of the Name Iain

The beautiful name Iain is of Scottish origin. The meaning of Iain is God is gracious and is a Gaelic form of the name John. In Scottish the meaning is also ‘gift from God.’ This is a well known name that is used in Scotland since the twentieth century.

Famous People with the Name

Some famous Iain’s are Iain Banks and Iain Sinclair, whom are contemporary novelists from Scotland. Also, Iain Archer who is a singer-songwriter, and Iain Balshaw an English rugby player. Game of Thrones actor Iain Glen is a popular one to note.

Traits of the Name

Men who are named Iain have been known to have certain character traits. They are known to be leaders with strong independence. Iain’s do not like to focus on small details, rather more important issues. They enjoy balance and harmony in their lives. They also have good sense of humours and great personalities.

Popularity of the Name Iain

In Scotland in 2014, Iain was the 336th most popular baby boys’ name. However in the 1960’s the name was the 10th most popular name in Britain.

Useful Resources

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