Henry Meaning and Origin

The name Henry comes from the German name Haimric, later spelled Heinrich. It was the name of seven kings of Germany. Henry name origins also derive from the Old French name, Henri. The name was introduced to England, and later Scotland, by the Normans, who brought it with them during the Norman invasions in the 11th century. The meaning of Henry is said to be “home ruler” and this name was often given to royalty, including eight English kings. Other royalty with the name Henry are Henry, Bishop of Uppsala, Henry I the Bearded, High Duke of Poland, as well as Prince Henry of Wales.

In English-speaking countries, Henry is closely related to the name Harry. In fact, many times when a boy’s written name was Henry, it was pronounced Harry.


Although the name Henry is not on the top 100 Most Popular Baby Boy’s names list in Scotland, it has been a popular name for centuries. Famous athletes with the name Henry include American baseball great Henry “Hank” Aaron and Scottish rugby player Henry Menzies. Henry Ford, the creator of the assembly line, and Henry Hudson, sea explorer, are two other infamous Henrys.

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