Hector Meaning and Origin

The meaning of Hector comes from many sources. The name Hector comes from Scottish, French, English and Spanish origins. It may have been derived from Hektor, a Trojan Prince that was killed by Achilles during the Trojan War.

Another derivation may be from ekhein a Greek word that means to restrain It may also be derived from the name Eachann, which means keeper of horses and is pronounced AK-an, with Hector being the English translation of the name.

Another source of the name might be from Arthurian Character Sir Ector, King Arthur’s foster father who Merlin gave Arthur to when he took the baby from Uther Pendragon and Igraine of Cornwall.


In 2014, the popularity of Hector was ranked as the 245th most popular name in Scotland. While it is not at the top it is still a popular name.

Famous People called Hector

Some important Scottish People named Hector include Hector C. Macpherson a writer who penned articles on non-fiction subjects such as history and politics, Hector Waller Australian naval captain of the HMS Perth and fought at battle of Sunda Strait, and Hector Berlioz who was a French composer that wrote Symphonie Fantastique and Grande Messe des morts.

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