Origin of the Name Hamish

The Hamish name is a name with Scottish origins. The English version of the Hamish name is James. Hamish is usually a masculine name. While researching the name Hamish there appears to be no feminine versions. The name Hamish has origins in the Scottish Gaelic name of Seamus.


The meaning of Hamish is supplanter; representative. Supplanter means the replacer which explains why it can mean representative also.


The popularity of Hamish varies by country as you can see from the 2013 figures below:

  1. Scotland – it is ranked 93th in popularity
  2. England/Wales – it is ranked 450th in popularity
  3. Australia – it is ranked 85th in popularity

In the United States the name Hamish is not a popular name at all and it was not on the list of top 100 names as of the 2000 Census. However, its English version, James, is number 1 out of 1220.

Famous People with the Name

While there are not that many people named Hamish in today’s world there are a couple famous characters named Hamish:

  • Hamish Alexander in the novel Honorverse by David Weber
  • Hamish Campbell in the movie Braveheart
  • John Hamish Watson (also well known as Dr. Watson) of Sherlock Holmes fame.

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