The Meaning of the Name Gus

The name Gus is a diminutive of the Latin Augustus and predominately associated as a boy’s name. The meaning of Gus is mostly derived from the Latin base which carries the meaning “worthy of respect.” The meaning of Gus can also include “majestic.”

Though generally a nickname, the name Gus is at times given independently. It is also a shortened version of a variety of names including the popular Scottish names Angus and Fergus. Based on Scottish birth statistics from 2013, Angus ranked 85th while Fergus ranked 120th. The name Gus is considered fairly uncommon from a global perspective, though some variants such as Gustav maintain a level of popularity in some countries.

The popularity of Gus as a name depends greatly on which name variant is in use. Some versions such as August and Augustus have tended to be on the rise. Angus has remained fairly stable when it comes to its popularity in Scotland.

Famous People Called Gus

Famous persons with the name include Gus Grissom, Gus Poyet, and Baron Gus O’Donnell.

Another Interesting Fact

Though it would be considered quite rare, Gus at times is used as a girl’s name, normally as a shortened version of the name Augustine

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