History of the Name Gregory

The popularity of Gregory for a boy may stem from cultural, familial, or historical precedents. Historically known for the Greek versions, the Scottish surname and primary Gregory name have remained consistently popular with passing generations. The masculine sounding name offers a vision of competence and agility for young men. Bearers of the Gregory name are often expected to live up to their namesake in many positive ways. Many company names choose to use the Gregory derivative at the end of a name, such as MacGregor, to create trusted brand recognition and brand loyalty. An astute watchman or concrete statute that bears the name Gregory would be an effective marketing strategy.

Meaning of Gregory

In general, the meaning of Gregory is believed to have Greek roots which indicate a watchful gatekeeper. Being aware of their surroundings was an equally important trait for soldiers during wartime and peacetime in virtually every ancient culture. Another modern meaning of Gregory relates to entertainers and men with extreme agility and variety in the forms of dance, physical comedy, acting, and singing. Gregory Peck, Gregory Isaacs, and Gregory Peck are perfect examples of how wide the realm of entertainers bearing the moniker can truly reach.


Gregory was the 687th most popular baby boys’s name in Scotland in 2013.

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