Meaning and Origin of Gregor

The name Gregor is a name which has Dutch and Scottish origin. The meaning of Gregor is vigilant. The name Gregor is actually a shortened form of the boys name Gregory. The name Gregory is really not a common name in this day and age.

In German as well as Scottish the name “Gregor” means on the watch. It is said that those who possess this name are usually analytical especially when they reach adulthood. Sometimes talents and in born traits do not completely surface until after puberty sets in.

Essentially, the name “Gregor” or “Gregory” can be given to any one of any nationality. The name is not really heard very often. It seems newer more modern type names have replaced traditional or common names. Therefore, the popularity of Gregor has greatly diminished.

Popularity of the Name

Gregor was the 155th most popular baby boys’s name in Scotland in 2014 (latest stats from the  Scottish Government)

Famous People Called Gregor

The most famous person with the name Gregor must be the German scientist Gregor Mendel. He was the founder of what we know to today as Genetics.

Gregor MacGregor was a famous Scottish solider who served in a number of different armies.

Gregor Schlierenzauer an Austrian ski jumper

Traits of People with the Name

The name “Gregory” or “Gregor” will more than likely not be found listed in a book of common baby names. It has been said that people whom have the name “Gregor” have a deep desire within to help other as well as influence another person.

Useful Resources

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