Meaning and Origin of the Name Grant

The name Grant, generally used as a masculine name, has origins as a Scottish and English surname. The meaning of Grant is “large” or “big” was extracted from the French word for “large” which is “grand.” The name is thought to have originated from a nickname for a tall or large bodied individual.


According to Scottish Government Statistics in 2012, Grant was the most 337th most popular baby boy’s name in Scotland and is also very popular in various other countries such as England and the United States.

Famous People Called Grant

There are several well known “Grants” throughout history and in modern day society, including a Scottish clan that supported the efforts of the famous William Wallace, musicians and television celebrities such as Grant Gustin and Grant Imahara, athletes such as Grant Holt and Grant Hill, as well as leaders such as American military leader and President Ulysses S Grant. The Scottish Grant clan has a deep, rich history in Scotland and the Grant castle which represents some of the history of the clan can still be visited today.

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