The Scottish baby name Graham is becoming increasingly popular. A person with the name Graham is creative and good at expressing themselves. They are frequently found in arts industries as they are very creative. One of the best know Graham’s is the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, whilst a more recent celebrity is the presenter Graham Norton.

Meaning of the Name

Graham has a number of different meaning depending upon the source of the information, Graham in Latin and American is grain.¬†In Scotland it means either Grant’s homestead or gravel home.
The Anglo-Saxon meaning is warring. and the more modern English meaning of the name is from the great meadow farm home or grand homestead.

Origin of the Name

The origin of Graham comes from the Manor Grantham in Lincolnshire which is listed in the 1086 Domesday book as Graham and Grandham. Grantham is gravelly homestead or Granta’s homestead in Old English. The Sir William de Graham originally brought the name Graham to Scotland from England in the 12th century. He founded the Clan Graham in Scotland. Graham was one of the knights who accompanied King David 1 when he claimed the throne in Scotland.

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